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Trainer Information:

Name- Mickalene "Micki" Cheer

Age- 15

Gender- F

Birthplace/Hometown- Sassafras Town

History- Micki was the only child of Felicity and Craig Cheer. Since her parents were Pokemon researches and obligated to travel a lot, Micki spent most of her childhood in the care of her aunt Hominy; a kindly middle-aged (though a bit absent minded) lady. By the time she reached middle school every one of her classmates were already busy training their own Pokemon except her, and she felt desperate to find one of her own. After school one day she happened to see a group of feral Meowth raiding the local deli. As they were escaping one was caught by the owner, and Micki managed to persuade him not to kill her and instead let her keep the rascally cat. (To know the rest of the story, keep reading).

Personality- Micki's very introverted and often prefers the company of her pokemon or even being alone to being around other people. She likes reading and tends to get impatient with people who interrupt her while she is. She tends to put too much faith in what she's read and underestimates common sense,

Appearance- 5'5", medium length brownish blond hair usually tied back in a ponytail, brown eyes. Typical outfit consists of a pink tshirt with white trim on the sleeves, neck, and hem, and blue jeans.

Extra- Loves caramel corn

Pokemon Information:

Name/Species- Purrcilla: shiny Meowth

Gender- F

History- Before becoming Micki's first Pokemon, Purrcilla roamed the city streets as part of a group of wild Meowth who stole food to feed their greedy Persian leader. Due to her shiny coloration she was frequently given the cold shoulder by the rest of the group and was never really treated as their equal. Caught one day after the pack raided a delicatessen the owner was ready to put an end to her, but Micki who had happened by persuaded him to turn the Meowth over to her. Though relieved at escaping certain death, Purcilla wanted nothing to do with a human trainer and violently Fury Swiped Micki whenever she tried to interact with her.
The next day Purrcilla's old pack arrived to retrieve her, as the Persian was displeased that there was 1 less slave to provide for him. Wanting to leave Micki she willingly went back with them, with the girl deciding to secretly follow them hoping to get her Pokemon back. When both reached the Meowth hideout Micki witnessed the Persian giving poor Purrcilla a thorough beating for getting caught the day before, prompting Micki to come out of hiding and attempt to shield the weak little Meowth. Touched that a human was showing her more love and devotion than her own kind ever had Purrcilla entered a fit of fury and fought the Persian head on, awakening her ability Technician for the first time. Once the greedy cat Pokemon had been vanquished the rest of the group offered her the position of their new leader. Thinking she'd take it Micki turned to leave, only to feel a certain someone leap onto her back and start purring in her ear ;)


Cut: Purrcilla's claws elongate and glow white and she uses them to cut down her target.

Night Slash: Purrcilla's claws glow purple and she slashes her opponent with them.

Iron tail: Purrcilla's tail turns white and hardens, allowing her to use it to strike opponents.

Faint Attack: Purrcilla runs at her opponent and disappears, reappearing behind the opponent and slamming into them.

Ability: Technician- powers up Purrcilla's weaker moves

Nature/Personality- Despite having a soft spot for her trainer, Purrcilla doesn't take kindly to strangers, be they Pokemon or people. She's especially prone to feelings of jealousy if she feels her place as Micki's "favorite" Pokemon is threatened, usually directed at ones who are exceptionally cute and/or powerful. Due to her past experiences with a sinister Persian overlord, Purrcilla has made a personal resolve to keep herself from evolving.
Micki's Kalos Team by the-ocean-sings
Micki's Kalos Team
This is the team Micki accumulates during her travels through the Kalos region. She brought Zuzu along with her from Unova since she promised his parents she'd take care of him, and her shiny Eevee Sparkle tagged along as well.

Nickname: Purrcilla
Gender: Female
Moves: Cut, Night Slash, Iron Tail, Faint Attack
Ability: Technician

Clauncher -> Clawitzer
Nickname: Snapper
Gender: Male
As a Clauncher: Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Crabhammer, Water Pulse
As a Clawitzer: Water Pulse, Aura Sphere, Crabhammer, Dragon Pulse
Ability: Mega Launcher

Scatterbug -> Spewpa -> Vivillon
Nickname: Skittles
Gender: Female
As a Scatterbug: Tackle, String Shot, Stun Spore, Bug Bite
As a Spewpa: Tackle, Harden, String Shot, Bug Bite
As a Vivillon: Draining Kiss, Gust, Poison Powder, Psybeam
Ability: Shield Dust

Nickname: Zuzu
Gender: Male
Moves: Agility, Dark Pulse, Night Daze, Pursuit
Ability: Illusion

:star:Eevee -> :star:Sylveon
Nickname: Sparkle
Gender: Female
As an Eevee: Tackle, Quick Attack, Shadow Ball, Charm
As a Sylveon: Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, Swift, Fairy Wind
Ability: Cute Charm

Noibat -> Noivern
Nickname: Batty
Gender: Male
As a Noibat: Supersonic, Wing Attack, Air Cutter, Razor Wind
As a Noivern: Boomburst, Hurricane, Razor Wind, Draco Meteor
Ability: Infiltrator

Sprites (C)…

Trainer maker (C) :iconhapuriainen:

Pokemon (C) Nintendo


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